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What is a Good TOEFL Score?

Your TOEFL iBT scores may actually cause you anxiety. Weeks pass while you wait for those results. Even after receiving your score report, you could still be unsure of whether your score falls within the acceptable TOEFL score range for the school of your choice.

What constitutes a good TOEFL score? has no one correct response.

But don't be alarmed. We'll provide you with all the details you need to assess the significance of your exam score in this post. Let's get started on what is a good TOEFL score out of 120.

So what is a good TOEFL score, in general?

As you can see, a high grade depends on a variety of factors, including your university, your major, your nation, and more. However, in general, most schools' TOEFL scores are as follows:

Less than 80: This TOEFL iBT score is generally not favourable. If your TOEFL score is below 80, it will be difficult for you to enrol in an English-speaking university unless you choose conditional acceptance. Small public universities in the US will, nevertheless, accept applicants with TOEFL scores under 80. Additionally, English degree programmes in non-English speaking nations occasionally accept scores in this subpar range.

80-90: This range of scores is considered to be moderately good. More universities will accept you if your TOEFL iBT score is 80 or higher. It's interesting that in this moderate range, graduate school admissions are easier. (Graduate programmes demand proficiency in English, but are more concerned with your intellectual knowledge and research abilities.)

90-100: Scores on the TOEFL in this range are excellent. Your TOEFL score at this level is acceptable for the majority of universities. You may also be able to find employment on campus as a RA, TA, or GA with these TOEFL results.

100-110: These TOEFL results are excellent. Once your TOEFL iBT score reaches this level, you will be eligible to apply to Ivy League colleges and other prestigious universities.

110-120: By any measure, these are the highest TOEFL iBT scores. You should be admitted if you receive this score. Unless you don't meet the section subscore specifications.

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