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Ways to Help

Pantry Pals

* Help sort through new donations.
* Comes to CC on delivery days and helps unpack and stock items

* Dispose of anything that may be a liability, i.e., expired items, out-of-date beauty products, open items, etc.

* Ensure the pantry is stocked, organized, and clean.
* Volunteer during food drives and host food drives to bring more stock to the cupboard.
*Assist in monthly inventory.
*Search for and print healthy recipes to distribute with our pantry items.

Cleaning Crew

* Volunteer once a month to help with a deep clean of the community cupboard.

* Checking expiration dates on all food items and disposing of out-of-date items.

* The Cleaning Crew helps with various cleaning & organizing projects around the office.

Green Thumbers

* Take care of plants: Give them water, trim them when needed, and make sure they're healthy.

 * Help make new plants: Plant seeds and help plants grow from cuttings.

 * Keep an eye on the greenhouse: Check if it's too hot, too humid, or if the air isn't moving enough.

 * Keep things organized: Clean up, put tools away, and keep everything tidy.

 * Get people excited about the greenhouse: Talk to people about it, invite them to visit, and give away free fruits & veggies.

Admin Support 

* Office Support: Assist with general office tasks such as answering phones, responding to emails, and greeting visitors.

* Data Entry: Input and maintain accurate records, including donor information, volunteer hours, and program statistics.

* Document Preparation: Assist in preparing documents, presentations, and reports for internal and external use.

* Filing and Organization: Maintain orderly filing systems for both digital and physical documents to ensure easy retrieval.

* Event Support: Provide logistical support for events and fundraisers, including registration, setup, and coordination of materials.

* Special Projects: Assist with special projects and initiatives as assigned by the administrative team.

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